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LessPlex takes the complexity out of your compliance systems. Be it workplace health & safety (WHS), training, project management, drug and alcohol testing or test & tag, we work alongside you to design, manage and maintain your compliance objectives.


LessPlex provides fully designed compliance systems. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that their most important asset, their employees, remain safe and healthy while working on your site.  

There has never been a better time to streamline your safety processes and reduce the number of losses to productivity due to injury and incident investigations.


LessPlex Training provides a range of workplace training programs for employees, managers and team leaders, as well as expert training for compliance professionals, human resources and risk managers.  

Ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and training to keep safe in your workplace, and complete training either on-site or in our training facility.

Project Management

LessPlex' fully trained staff make sure that your project runs on time and on budget, coordinating all on-site employees accordingly. We lessen the likelihood of injury and related costs, ensuring projects run smoothly and cost effectively.

We have the knowledge and skills to keep your team and your business safe on small or large jobs.  

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Mitch Green
Managing Director

Mitch is the founder and face of LessPlex. It all started with a man, an idea, a room under the house and a supportive family.

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Anna Green
Managing Director - Training

Anna is one of the original founders of LessPlex alongside her husband, Mitch. She is also the manager of LessPlex Training, the proud mum of 4 and a huge supporter of all Mitch's adventures.

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Catherine Weeks
Compliance Partner

Catherine has worked in the construction industry for the past 8 years (in steel fabrication / mobile cranes). As our compliance partner, Catherine helps with training companies on-site, while also pitching in to the paperwork side of things. If Catherine is not out onsite with you, she will be in our office organising, planning and helping with administration.

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